Working with Megan has been a life changing experience for my daughter. Before, she was anxious about creative writing and she doubted if she had anything worthwhile to write. Megan has given her the tools to find her voice and discover that she has a story worth telling. I cannot praise Megan and her classes highly enough.Anne, South Dublin.
Megan Wynne Creative Writing Classes is one of the most positive & influential activities my daughters ever did.

My daughter Nicole (14) has been attending Megan’s classes since she was about 7yrs old & her love of reading & writing has grown with her, I think Nicole’s stories are incredible & the publication of these stories every Autumn in Megan’s Storybook collection is such a boost for all the student’s confidence.

My younger daughter Laura (9) looks forward to Megan’s classes every week & I’m always amazed how Megan brings out her imagination & creativity. I think Megan’s writing classes should be mandatory to any child’s education!Siobhán Cosgrave, Donabate.

Naomie (age 11) attended your creative writing course in Skerries. She loved going to the classes each week, and as a non-native English speaker her English reading and story writing has really improved from it. She loved the warm, friendly atmosphere in the class and loved Megan too!Carmel, Rush.
My 8 year old twins hate doing anything outside of school other than what they absolutely have to. Summer camps are used as a disciplinary force in my house!

What’s more, when I do get one of them into something, the other has no interest whatsoever.  But last year, the kids ASKED to attend Megan’s Creative Writing course in Malahide. Every Tuesday they run in so excited and happy, and afterwards over dinner, we are treated to what they’ve worked on.

I love the impact her courses have in other aspects of their lives. In school they write more exciting and completely out there sentences to learn their spellings, they have a book where they write ideas for stories.

The most important impact is their reading. They always loved reading, but now they want to see what the competition is like – so they read everything aimed at kids from 8-12 to see what’s already been taken!

I cannot, ever, recommend Megan’s courses enough. They are transformational for kids.Tara O'Sullivan, Parent, Malahide.

I loved being part of Megan’s adult class.   It made a real difference to my writing and expanded my ideas, both through the great teaching and interaction with other participants.  It’s such a positive, creative atmosphere.

My daughter Mia has attended the children’s classes and her confidence and ability blossomed under Megan’s wing.  I can’t recommend it highly enoughHelena Doran, Parent & Student.