EASTER One Day Workshops 2018

Historical Fiction Writing Workshops

During the Easter Holidays I am running History fiction writing workshops for 8 -13 year olds.

The focus of these workshops is on having fun and learning how to create an exciting story within a particular historical setting.

Combining my degree in History with writing skills, I help participants create characters such as roman emperors, world war heroes and brave famine victims. Participants learn how to set the scene and plot a story. Time traveling stories are also covered in this workshop.


To begin with the group comes up with interesting periods in history e.g. Ancient Rome, First and Second world wars, the Famine in Ireland, 1916 in Ireland, the sinking of the Titanic etc. I take whatever suggestions are given to me.

Then we choose one period in which to create a group character and his / her story. We talk about the problems and challenges that he/she will need to overcome in the story. We also discuss the type of food they ate, the clothes they wore, how they travelled etc. We don’t go into huge detail for each historical period as our main focus is on character, plot and story. We then devise the plot for that character’s story.

Once we have created a group character and plot, each participant creates their own character, plot and story within the historical period of their choosing.

If a child is interested in a particular time in the past, they could write a story about character at that time with the knowledge they have about that time in History. They need not have extensive knowledge. Any specifics can be researched later. The most important thing is that they create a compelling character with an interesting challenge to overcome.

Throughout the day I will tips about each period in history but my main skill is in helping each child to create a character and an exciting story that they love.

Blackrock Children’s Workshop:

Thursday 29th March 10.30am – 2 p.m. in Newpark School, Newtown Park Avenue. ( 8 -13 year olds )
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Skerries Children’s Workshop:

Thursday 5th April 1 – 4.30p.m. in Skerries Mills, Skerries. (8 -13 year olds).
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Malahide Children’s Workshop:

Wednesday 28th March 10.30- 2p.m. in Malahide Parish Centre (beside Dart Station).
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Friday 6th April 10.30-2p.m. in Malahide Parish Centre (beside Dart Station).
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The maximum number of students in a group is sixteen.

Booking Terms

FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE (unless a course is cancelled and does not go ahead).

Booking Terms

In the unlikely event that there are not enough participants to run the course, it will be cancelled.
A full refund of fees will be issued, or you will be offered a space in an alternative course of your choosing (subject to availability).