Journaling Workshops in Primary and Secondary Schools


Journaling Workshops to Support Mental Well Being

I am offering Workshops on Journaling for Mental Well Being to fourth to sixth classes in primary schools, and Junior Cycle students in secondary schools. (I can also give workshops to transition year and senior cycle students)

This workshop is designed to support the Well Being and SPHE programmes.

Benefits of Journaling

Journaling can be a wonderful way to lessen anxiety and help get things in perspective – especially in the middle of the night when fears can be at their worst. Journaling can also increase confidence and fluency with writing.

The Journaling Exercises I offer help to:

  • Relieve our minds of repetitive anxious thoughts
  • Figure out how we feel
  • Become our own best friend
  • Discover our dreams and goals
  • Become more fluent writers (there is no need to worry about neat handwriting or spelling mistakes)
  • Enhance creativity

It is a practical workshop with lots of writing time. Pupils are given exercises to vent their emotions in a healthy way, figure out what they are feeling and why, and write about visions they have for their life.

After the workshop I email a handout to the class teacher detailing all the of exercises so that pupils can practice them in future (and hopefully for the rest  of their lives). I also gently suggest teachers give pupils time to write in their journals during class (if the timetable allows) and encourage them to write at home.

I’ve been keeping a journal since I was twelve years old – because my English teacher suggested it – and I am very grateful that she did.  Journaling helped me to become a writer and create a life that suits me. It taught me how to express myself, to write fluently, to calm an anxious mind, and to understand my feelings.
Here I share how journaling benefited me during the pandemic.

Workshop on Zoom

Since 2020, I’ve been using the video platform Zoom for author visits and workshops in schools. Now I am offering my journaling workshops on Zoom also.

During this interactive workshop

  • Children complete the journaling exercises at their desk.
  • those, who wish to, can come up to the camera to ask questions or read parts of their journaling aloud.
  • I share exercises on the screen which are projected onto a whiteboard.
  • After the workshop I email the exercises to the class teacher for future use.
  • Zoom enables me reach as many children as possible all over Ireland. It is good for the environment and reduces expenses / costs.

Cost of Workshop

  • The cost of a one hour interactive workshop on Zoom is €150.

I am available for online workshops on weekday mornings and early afternoons during the school year.

If you are interested in In Person Journaling Workshops in your school, please contact me for more information.


The content of the workshop itself could not be more timely. Many students are struggling with their mental health at the moment, particularly after the last two and a half years. Any practical tools we can put at their disposal has potentially life changing benefits for them. This is a simple, practical tool that is explained clearly with defined achievable goals. It was a very motivating workshop for both the students and myself!
Jane Purcell, Teacher, Balbriggan Community College, County Dublin