About Our Courses


Why Creative Writing?

We offer creative writing classes to children because we want to teach them how to write brilliant stories!

Children LOVE to create characters and new worlds. Gifted children as well as children with dyslexia and other learning difficulties excel in our classes because the focus is on fun and they can write about whatever they want: unicorns, bombs, animals, war, friendship, loss or anything at all. Most importantly the children are given the opportunity to express themselves and be heard when they read their work aloud in class.

Megan loved to read as a child and she thought authors were magical beings – she still does. Her greatest dream was that she would one day write a novel and become one of those magical beings too – eventually it happened!

As a child, she didn’t think that she could become an author for two reasons:

  1. She wasn’t very good at spelling. Their, shoes and diary were particularly difficult words for her. She still get some words muddled up.
  2. She didn’t think she was good enough.  We don’t want this to happen to other children.

It gives us the greatest of pleasure to encourage children, especially anxious ones, to escape into their own imagination. We want them to experience the thrill of creating their own stories, and to know that this tool is available to them whenever they find real life difficult. Discovering they can create stories, gives children an immense boost in confidence and appreciation for themselves.

Our Aim is:

  • to encourage children to believe in themselves and know that they can write fantastic stories too.
  • to help children find this precious place inside themselves.
  • to create the next generation of storytellers.