Working with Megan has been a life changing experience for my daughter. Before, she was anxious about creative writing and she doubted if she had anything worthwhile to write. Megan has given her the tools to find her voice and discover that she has a story worth telling. I cannot praise Megan and her classes highly enough.Anne, South Dublin.
Megan Wynne Creative Writing Classes is one of the most positive & influential activities my daughters ever did.

My daughter Nicole (14) has been attending Megan’s classes since she was about 7yrs old & her love of reading & writing has grown with her, I think Nicole’s stories are incredible & the publication of these stories every Autumn in Megan’s Storybook collection is such a boost for all the student’s confidence.

My younger daughter Laura (9) looks forward to Megan’s classes every week & I’m always amazed how Megan brings out her imagination & creativity. I think Megan’s writing classes should be mandatory to any child’s education!Siobhán Cosgrave, Donabate.

Naomie (age 11) attended your creative writing course in Skerries. She loved going to the classes each week, and as a non-native English speaker her English reading and story writing has really improved from it. She loved the warm, friendly atmosphere in the class and loved Megan too!Carmel, Rush.
My 8 year old twins hate doing anything outside of school other than what they absolutely have to. Summer camps are used as a disciplinary force in my house!

What’s more, when I do get one of them into something, the other has no interest whatsoever.  But last year, the kids ASKED to attend Megan’s Creative Writing course in Malahide. Every Tuesday they run in so excited and happy, and afterwards over dinner, we are treated to what they’ve worked on.

I love the impact her courses have in other aspects of their lives. In school they write more exciting and completely out there sentences to learn their spellings, they have a book where they write ideas for stories.

The most important impact is their reading. They always loved reading, but now they want to see what the competition is like – so they read everything aimed at kids from 8-12 to see what’s already been taken!

I cannot, ever, recommend Megan’s courses enough. They are transformational for kids.Tara O'Sullivan, Parent, Malahide.

I loved being part of Megan’s adult class.   It made a real difference to my writing and expanded my ideas, both through the great teaching and interaction with other participants.  It’s such a positive, creative atmosphere.

My daughter Mia has attended the children’s classes and her confidence and ability blossomed under Megan’s wing.  I can’t recommend it highly enoughHelena Doran, Parent & Student.

I loved the course. It got me writing/discussing. It gave me tons of ideas. I learned so much about character, story, submitting. The best thing I can say about the course is that it has increased my confidence in writing. I loved your encouragement and helpful advice on every topic. I feel I can edit much better and I am much more confident. I can’t thank you enough.Hazel, adult.
I enjoyed the course immensely. Megan is a dynamic teacher who has a natural ability to stimulate your creativity.Yvonne. Adult.
I enjoyed it all – good size group, pleasant location, learned lots, good to share work. I just wish we could carry on for another week!Kirsty. Adult.
I found it stimulating and thought-provoking. My writing has improved. Feedback from you and the other students gave me new perspectives on how to work more effectively. The handout are great to refer to when working on your own. I really enjoyed itHelena, adult.
I never enjoyed a course more. It felt like coming home. 10/10.Jacinta, adult.
Very inspiring. Meeting people with a common interest. Learning about specific points to bear in mind when writing. The week passed really quickly. I’m looking forward to the next course.Dagmar, adult.
Excellent teaching. Notes and exercises were brilliant. Course material was abundant and relevant. I liked the input from the students and learning how to edit and critique. This course and teaching was excellent.Liam Cunningham, adult.
I really enjoyed coming every day. I liked the challenge of trying to find my inner voice. The free writing was invaluable. From being totally blocked the first day, I was smiling as I wrote enthusiastically on Friday.Maura, adult.
It is over 40 years since I last wrote an ‘essay’. I really enjoyed the experience. It gave me the confidence to writeBridget, adult.
I love the atmosphere of being with writers and potential writers. The positivity is so encouraging. Getting something submitted made me feel like I had achieved something. Keep up the good work, Megan.Liz, adult.
I enjoyed the free-writing and feedback. I enjoyed the examples of stories that were given and guidance on good books to read and how to be more creative.Kelly Anne, adult.
It was fab. Very helpful and enjoyable. A real journey into not just thinking but actually being creative.Martin, adult.
I now feel I have a structure to work with to write. I don’t feel as afraid to just write. I’m amazed at how in depth the writing experience isSarah, adult.
I have enjoyed the course. I have been very nervous about how to begin and this has really broken the ice for me. I have written far more than I would have thought possible in just a couple of hours. Planning how to build a character was a great way to find out not only about my character but what role he would have in the story. The scene writing just flowed from that. I now have some writing to jump off from!Oonagh, adult.
It concentrated my mind and has opened up my whole attitude to both reading and writing. I thoroughly enjoyed the feedback, listening to the others’ work and the general literary chit chat!Veronica, adult.
I found it great. I’m learning more at each class and I enjoy it very much. The positive and negative feedback has helped me to learn and improve.Rachel, adult.
I thoroughly enjoyed the summer camp and learned a ton of news things to help write stories. Megan really helped me gain more confidence. The entire class was brilliant and a laugh as well.Orin, age 12.
It was a really useful writing camp – helpful, fun and interesting.John, age 12.
I really enjoyed the summer camp. The sheets and notes we got were very helpful. Megan makes everything very easy to understand. I had lots of fun. It’s amazing what you can learn in a week!Hannah, age 13.
I love Megan’s Creative Writing classes! They have taught me so much about writing. They’re so much fun and I’ve made lots of friends too!Nicole, age 12.
Everything helped me and made me think of new ways to write and how to overcome writer’s block. I liked everything and I got to make new friends.Faustina, age 16.
It was great fun. I liked it A LOT, especially working together – it helps making friends and fun.Ruth, age 12.
It gave a great topic and explained exactly how to write a story. I thought it was great the way we did a team story in dialogue, and then by yourself.Allanah, age 8.
It was fun and I really enjoyed myself. I found writing dialogue helpful because now I know how to write it properly in my own stories.Jessica, age 12.
I enjoyed this course because it was fun and it taught me a lot of stuff about writingEoin, age 12.
I found the course to be very beneficial and enjoyable. It covered everything and answered all of my questions. I’d recommend it to anyone.Kevin, age 17.
It was really fun. I learned a lot too. My favourite was playing the games outside, meeting new people and writing the story.Saoirse, child.
I liked everything, especially when we each got a page, started a story on it (only one sentence) and then passed it on. I also liked when everyone told a story together (not writing it down).Aoife, age 9.