Online Writing Courses

One-to-One writing support and feedback.

These courses are currently booked out for 2016
My online writing courses are a great success. This year and last one online student came runner up in the Penguin / RTE Guide children’s short story competition and the Listowel Writers’ Week Literary Competitions for youth! Many congratulations to Grace!

I offer online courses on an ongoing basis – throughout the academic year, for those who can’t attend weekly classes, and during the summer months, for those who can’t attend summer camps.

I also offer mentoring support to teenagers or children who have taken my classes already and would like ongoing feedback on their writing. More on that below.

The children’s and teenager’s online course consists of eight modules.

For each module, I email detailed notes for an assignment to be completed within about ten days.

Once I receive an assignment, I will reply (within seven days) with written feedback on the work, and also set the next assignment.

My tone will be positive and encouraging, praising what is good and asking the student to expand on what is not clear. I will also give suggestions for improvement.

The topics (not necessarily in this order) will include:

Writing in your own way – find your voice
Setting the scene
Writing dialogue
Character creation & Showing Character through Action
Character Development
Beginning your story
Ending a story
The Short Story
Editing our work

I can be flexible with the content of the course, so that it can be tailor made to suit each student’s needs.

The course will be carried out by email, so students will need to type up assignments (preferably into a Word Document).

Homework assignments can be up to 800 words long (less is fine). I would expect each student to spend between forty-five minutes and one hour per written assignment, and then time for typing up (depending on how fast he/she is).

The children’s and teenager’s eight module course costs €240.

For those who wish to avail of ongoing support for their writing, the price is €240 for eight assignments and individual feedback on their writing.

Mentoring is particularly suited to those who would have already completed an online or face to face writing course(s) with me and would like ongoing support with their writing.

  • Children:

    The cost for the eight module course for children is €240, with an option to pay in two instalments of €120. The first instalment is due before the course begins, and the second instalment is due one month after the course has begun.

  • Teens:

    The cost for the eight module course is €240, with an option to pay in two instalments of €120. The first instalment is due before the course begins, and the second instalment is due one month after the course has begun.

Payments can be made through Paypal, by bank transfer or by posting a cheque.

**Before you book an online course, please contact me first to discuss the course and your child’s writing goals.**

If you would like more information please contact me first through the contacts page.

As it is an online course, it is ongoing and I can be flexible with start and end dates. I understand that sometimes a student may not be able to get an assignment to me on time (i.e. ten days later).

In that case I can be flexible, however, I would envisage that the expiry date for all eight assignments to be completed is within five months. In special cases this can be extended by advance agreement.

FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE (unless a course is cancelled and does not go ahead)